Welcome to PeroLED

PeroLED Limited is a dynamic start-up company developing novel light emitting materials and devices to expand the colour gamut of displays. PeroLED was founded by Dr Peter Levermore and Professor Donal Bradley and is based in NETPark in County Durham in the UK. In this first Blog post, we would like to introduce the company and give a taste of the future. 

Colour from the Deep

The focus of PeroLED is on expanding the colour gamut of displays. The motivation for this is that state-of-the-art displays, such as those in smartphones, tablets, watches, laptops, monitors and televisions are limited by their colourfulness. They can only render up to approximately 52% of colours visible to the human eye (as defined by the CIE 1931 (x, y) chromaticity diagram). The remaining colours are absent. This hinders the ability of displays to appear true to life and limits user experience. This is depicted in the chromaticity diagram, where only those colours contained in the “State of the Art” triangle can be rendered by the displays of today.

To address this shortfall, new standards have been introduced by ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020 (commonly known as BT. 2020 or Rec. 2020). These standards require displays of the future to render at least 76% of colours visible to the human eye. This is depicted in the chromaticity diagram, where all those colours contained in the “Rec 2020” triangle must be rendered for a display to meet Rec. 2020 standards. PeroLED technology provides a unique solution to enable displays to exceed Rec. 2020 standards.

PeroLED Technology Platforms

PeroLED works across three general technology platforms: (1) Perovskite Materials, (2) Device Engineering and (3) inkjet printing. PeroLED technology is protected by an extensive patent portfolio.

Perovskite Materials

PeroLED is a portmanteau of Perovskite and LED. PeroLED is focused on developing perovskite materials for display applications. PeroLED is also exploring the feasibility of using perovskite light emitting materials for other applications. Further Blog posts will explore and explain how perovskite light emitting materials can be used to enhance display performance.

Device Engineering

PeroLED is developing novel light emitting device architectures to expand the colour gamut of displays. This work encompasses development of Perovskite Light Emitting Devices (PeLEDs), as well as complementary Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs), Quantum Dot Light Emitting Devices (QLEDs) and hybrid light emitting devices that may all be used to enhance the colour gamut of displays.

Inkjet Printing

PeroLED is developing light emitting materials and devices that are compatible with inkjet printing. This high precision deposition technique enables red, green and blue emissive materials to be patterned in a display, potentially reducing cost and increasing efficiency because wasteful colour filters are no longer required.

Recent Posts

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